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Government of Norway Makes Major Pledge of USD $25 Million to the Governors' Climate and Forests Fund

The Government of Norway has made a major pledge of USD $25 million to the Governors' Climate and Forests Fund to support innovative rainforest states in their plans to implement the Rio Branco Declaration to reduce deforestation 80% by 2020 and provide opportunities to local communities. The pledge will leverage the fund's efforts to enlist additional public and private funding sources.

Elaine Corsini of Mato Grosso, Brazil is Awarded the First Annual Everyday Heroes Award at the 2015 GCF Annual Meeting

Any real and lasting solution to climate change—any effective approach to low emissions development—will have to involve thousands of hard working civil servants in state and provincial governments around the world. These civil servants rarely if ever get the recognition that they deserve. They are on the front lines—together with their civil society partners—in the ongoing effort to fashion durable solutions to the twin challenges of climate change and sustainable land use. The Everyday Heroes Award recognizes these civil servants. It is awarded annually to a civil servant in one of the GCF member states and provinces who embodies the values and the commitment to the core mission of the GCF, working hard every day to advance the agenda of protecting forests and climate while enhancing livelihoods.

Governors’ Climate & Forests Fund Releases New Request for Proposals

On December 6th, 2014 the Governors’ Climate and Forests Fund launched its second Request for Proposals at a special reception on the sidelines of the 20th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Lima, Peru. Alongside notable guests including governors, GCF Fund board members, and the Brazilian Ambassador to Peru, GCF Fund Executive Director Rosa Maria Vidal announced the release of the call which will strengthen the ability for GCF members to monitor, report, and verify changes in forest carbon stocks, enhance alignment with national level efforts to reduce tropical deforestation, and address key gap areas in the design of jurisdictional programs to promote sustainable low emission rural development.  The call is a part of the GCF Fund’s wider and ongoing efforts to support multi-stakeholder programs which enhance GCF member capacities to reduce deforestation while improving rural livelihoods.
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