2011 Annual Meeting, 20-22 September, Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Meeting Details

The GCF annual meeting is free to attend and is open to GCF representatives and stakeholders, but attendees are responsible for their travel expenses including transportation, hotel and meals.

Final Agenda

Meeting Venue

Luwansa Hotel
Jalan G. Obos, Palangka Raya
Central Kalimantan - Indonesia
+62(0536) 324.2828

Other Lodging Options

Amaris Hotel
Jl. S Parman No. 60A
Central Kalimantan - Indonesia
+62 (0536) 322.3888

Getting There

Palangka Raya Airport: Tjilik Riwut Airport (PKY)

All flights to Palangka Raya are routed through Jakarta and there is one flight a day in and out of Palangka Raya via the airline Garuda. Some itineraries will require an overnight stay in Jakarta to catch the 6:20 am flight to Palangka Raya.

Visa Requirements

For international travelers, please note that a visa is required for entry into Indonesia. It is critical that you check with your local consular office to determine your visa application requirements as they differ from country to country. You may be able to acquire a Visa on Arrival (VOA), but again, please check with your local consular office to determine the requirements. Please contact us if you need additional advice about securing a visa.


The national language of Indonesia is Indonesian or Bahasa Indonesia. The language is sometimes referred to as just "Bahasa". However, when translated, Bahasa simply means "language". Often, Indonesians are fluent in a regional language such as Javanese or Sundanese, in addition to the national language.

Key Phrases

PermisiExcuse me
Selamat pagiGood morning (until 11:00 am)
Selamat siangGood afternoon (until 3:00pm)
Selamat malamGood evening (until 6:00pm)
Terima KasihThank You
Sama-samaYou are welcome
Apa khabar?How are you?
Khabar baiI'm fine
Sampai jumpaGoodbye (said by the person leaving)
Selamat jalanHave a nice trip

Central Kalimantan Time/Weather

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