GCF Member Technical Training, 9-14 July, Palo Alto, CA

Co-hosted by: IPAM, Forum for Readiness on REDD, Carnegie Institution for Science, Woods Hole Research Center, and Google

Workshop Details

The GCF, the Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM), the Carnegie Institution for Science at Stanford University, the Forum on Readiness for REDD, Woods Hole Research Center, and Google are co-hosting a 6-day Geographic Information Systems (GIS)/Remote Sensing (RS) Workshop (July 9-14, 2012) for a small group of technical experts from Brazil, Indonesia, Peru, Mexico, and Nigeria. The workshop will familiarize the governmental and civil society representatives with general deforestation monitoring methods (including ClasLite and biomass mapping) and new tools that incorporate these methods (including the Google Earth Engine and Earth Builder applications). Participants will gain expertise that will help them train others to better map and monitor deforestation, degradation, and carbon/biomass stocks in their jurisdictions.

Workshop Materials

Participants (Preliminary)

Olga Patricia Kummer olgageo5@hotmail.com Environment Secretariat of Mato Grosso (SEMA/MT)
Claudia Funi claudiafuni@gmail.com Environmental State Secretariat of Amapá (SEMA/AP)
Monica Julissa de los Rios monica.julissa@ac.gov.br, monicajulissa.ac@gmail.com State of Acre
Sonaira Souza sonaira@ipam.org.br Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM)-Acre
Nita Maulia nita.maulia@gmail.com Indonesia Geospatial Information Agency
Anna Tosiani anna_tosiani@yahoo.com Indonesia Ministry of Forestry
Yakob Ishademy yakob@indo.net.id Aceh Green
Humala Pontas who.pontas@gmail.com Central Kalimantan
Felica Line flicline@googlemail.com State of Chiapas
Gerardo García Contreras gcontreras@pronatura-ppy.org.mx Pronatura Península de Yucatán
Armando Anaya armandoanaya777@hotmail.com Universidad Autónoma de Campeche
Sylvanus Abua s_abua@yahoo.co.uk Cross River State
Bridget Nkor bridgetnkor@yahoo.com Cross River State
Fanny Alessandra Vera Alarcon fanny_ve@hotmail.com Bosques Amazonicos (nominated by Madre de Dios)
Eloy Victoria Ayala Ministerio del Ambiente (Peru)
U.S. (GCF Secretariat)
Darren Anderson darren.anderson@colorado.edu University of Colorado
Alessandro Baccini abaccini@whrc.org Woods Hole Research Center
Greg Fiske gfiske@whrc.org Woods Hole Research Center
Ane Alencar ane@ipam.org.br IPAM
Greg Asner gpa@stanford.edu Carnegie Institution
John Clark jkclark@stanford.edu Carnegie Institution
Tanya Birch tanya@google.com Google Earth Outreach
David Thau thau@google.com Google Earth Engine
Workshop Support
Claudia Stickler cstickler@ipam.org.br Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM)
Keyvan Izadi keyvan.gcf@gmail.com University of Colorado
Julie Teel Simmonds julie.simmond@colorado.edu University of Colorado



Meeting Locations

Stanford University
Monday and Tuesday
Nano, Room 232
Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering (Nano)
348 Via Pueblo
Stanford, CA 94305
Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday
Y2E2, Room 101
Jerry Yang and Akiko Yamakazi Environment and Energy Building (Y2E2)
473 Via Ortega
Stanford, CA 94305
Google Campus
2025 Garcia Ave.
Mountain View, CA 94043


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Contact: Jason Webb, Director of Sales & Marketing
4261 El Camino Real
Palo Alto, CA 94306-4405
(650) 798-1308