GCF at Rio+20, 19 June 2012, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A Focus on Forests, REDD+ & Low Emission Sustainable Development

When:19 June 2012
Where: Royal Tulip Rio de Janeiro
Rua Aquarela do Brasil, n° 75,
São Conrado - 22610-010
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
How:Register here to attend
What:18:30 - 19:15 GCF Governors’ Roundtable

Governors from the Governors’ Climate & Forests Task Force (GCF) are partnering with the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) for a roundtable discussion to share their experiences and lessons learned while building pathways to low emissions sustainable development.

Participating Governors ▼
 19:30 - 21:00 Cocktail Reception

The GCF, CIFOR, Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM) and the REDD Offset Working Group (ROW) are co-hosting a cocktail reception and networking opportunity, at which they will feature announcements on new resources and partnerships including a GCF-Google collaboration to advance subnational REDD+ and low emissions sustainable development using Earth Engine and Earth Builder applications and IPAM will release their two new publications on subnational REDD+.

This event is free to attend, is open to interested stakeholders, and follows the GCF’s Governor Policy Discussion at Forests: The 8th Roundtable at Rio+20 organized by CIFOR.

*CIFOR is also facilitating the Forests in Developing Countries dialogue of the Rio+20 Dialogues, an online discussion open to all interested particpants, which will generate recommendations for the heads of State attending the Rio+20 Conference. We encourage you to register to participate in this dialogue.

Schedule of Events

Official side events and other events during Rio+20 with GCF participants
11 June – 12 June
8:30-17:30 Workshop: Pathways Towards Zero Deforestation
  GCF Partner Organization: IPAM
  Venue: Hotel Othon Palace
14 June
11:00-13:00 The Future of the Amazon: a Low Carbon Production Model
  Venue: Rio Centro, Sala T8
  GCF Partner Organization: IPAM
15 June
11:30-13:00 Economic and Policy Drivers of Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon
  Venue: Rio Centro, Room T-10
  GCF Partner Organization: CIFOR
15:30-17:00 Engaging the Private Sector and Catalyzing Change: a Focus on REDD+
  Venue: Rio Centro, Room T-3
  GCF Participant: Mariana Pavan, IDESAM
16 June
Ongoing Rio+20 Dialogues
  Venue: https://www.riodialogues.org
  GCF Partner Organization: CIFOR
14:00-15:30 REDD+ in the Brazilian Amazon: Accomplishments and Next Steps to Conservation and Poverty Alleviation
  Venue: Sala 4, Pontifícia Universidade Católica (PUC-RJ)
  GCF Partner Organization: IDESAM & IPAM
14:00-15:30 State of the Art of Institutional Arrangements for REDD in Brazil
  Venue: PUC-RJ, Auditorium
  GCF Partner Organization: IPAM
17 June
14:00-16:00 From the Ground to the Cloud: New Tools for Sustainable Development
  Venue: Rio Centro, Room T­7, Major Groups Pavilion
  GCF Partner Organization: Google Earth Outreach
18 June
9:00-15:45 Ecological Economics and Rio+20: Challenges and Contributions for a Green Economy
  Venue: Windsor Guanabara Hotel
  GCF Partner Organization: CIFOR
10:00-17:00 REDD: Opportunity for a Sustainable Future or Threat to the Rights of Farmers, Indigenous Peoples, and Traditional Communities?
  Venue: Cúpula dos Povos, Ford Foundation Arena (Jardim do Museu de Arte Moderna, Aterro do Flamengo)
  GCF Partner Organization: IPAM & IDESAM
11:30-13:00 The "Land Sharing or Land Sparing" Conundrum
  Venue: Sul America Convention Center
  GCF Partner Organization: CIFOR
15:00-19:00 The Role of Public Policies in Reducing Deforestation in Brazil’s Legal Amazon: Challenges and Perspectives for the Future
  Venue: Royal Tulip Hotel, Ônix Room
  GCF Partner Organization: IPAM
15:30-17:00 Analysing REDD+: Challenges and Choices
  Venue: T-9, Rio Centro
  GCF Partner Organization: CIFOR
17:30-19:00  Tools for Data Collection and Mapping: the Ground to the Cloud Story
  Venue: UN2, Barra Arena
  GCF Participant: Central Kalimantan & Chiapas (TBD)
  GCF Partner Organization: Google Earth Outreach, IDESAM, & IPAM
19 June
8:30-10:30 Strategic Panel Discussion: The Future of UNDP’s Ecosystems and Biodiversity Programme as a Driver for Sustainable Development
  Venue: Hotel Windsor Barra
  GCF Partner Organization: IPAM
11:00-12:45 The global REDD Program for Early Movers (REM)
  Venue: German Pavilion, Parque dos Atletas
  GCF Partner Organization: IPAM
11:30-13:00  The Forest Green Economy and South-South Cooperation
  Venue: Rio Centro, Room P3-F 
  GCF Participant: Governor of Acre, Tião Viana
11:00-18:30 World Summit of States and Regions
  Venue: Rio Centro, Parque dos Atletas
  GCF Participant: TBD
  GCF Partner Organization: nrg4SD
13:00-14:00 Signing of the Declaration of Rio of Federated States and Regions
  Venue: Rio Centro, Parque dos Atletas
  GCF Participant: TBD
14:00-16:00 Panel B: The Green Economy for Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication: Showcasing success
  Venue: Rio Centro, Parque dos Atletas
  GCF Participant: Governor of Acre, Tião Viana
13:30-15:00 The Landscape: Transformative Action thru Cross-Sectoral Coordination
  Venue: Rio Centro, Room: T-3
  GCF Partner Organization: CIFOR
14:00-18:30  Forests: The 8th Roundtable at Rio+20
  Venue: Royal Tulip Hotel, Gavea Room
  GCF Participant: Governor of Cross River State, Liyel Imoke
  GCF Partner Organization: CIFOR
18:30-19:15 Governors’ Climate and Forests Roundtable: Building Pathways to Low Emissions Sustainable Development
  Venue: Royal Tulip Hotel, Gavea Room
  Moderator: Daniel Nepstad, IPAM
  GCF Participant: Governor of Chiapas, Juan Sabines Guerrero
Regional President of Madre de Dios, José Luis Aguirre Pastor
Governor of Amapá, Camilo Capiberibe
Governor of Cross River State, Liyel Imoke
Governor of Acre, Tião Viana
Governor of Mato Grosso, Silval da Cunha Barbosa
19:15-21:00 A Cocktail Reception Co-Hosted by the GCF, CIFOR, IPAM and the REDD Offset Working Group: “A Focus on Forests, REDD+ & Low Emissions Sustainable Development at Rio+20”
  Venue: Royal Tulip Hotel, Gavea Room
  GCF Participant: Governor Carlos Camilo Goes Capiberibe (Amapá, Brazil)
  GCF Partner Organization: CIFOR, IPAM & Google Earth Outreach
20 June
13:00-14:45 Standards and sustainable development – the role played by governments
  Venue: German Pavilion
  GCF Partner Organization: IPAM
16:30-18:30 New Challenges for Public Policies for Education, Science, and Technology
  Venue: Jardim Botanico
  GCF Partner Organization: IPAM
19:00-20:00 Moving Towards Sustainability: Together We Must Create the Future We Want
  Venue: Rio Centro, T-6 Side Event Complex
  RSVP: indonesiareddplus@gmail.com




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