2016 GCF Annual Meeting together with the Climate Summit of the Americas,
29 August - 2 September, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Meeting Details


The GCF Annual Meeting, hosted by the 2016 GCF Chair, Jalisco, is a unique opportunity to advance commitments GCF member states and provinces have made to build robust jurisdictional programs to protect forests and climate while enhancing livelihoods. In particular, GCF members are looking to achieve commitments made in the Rio Branco Declaration signed at the 2014 GCF Annual Meeting, in which GCF members agreed to reduce deforestation 80% by 2020, contingent upon the receipt of international financing. A provisional agenda with more details will be available in the resources tab.

The Annual Meeting is free to attend and open to all GCF stakeholders, but attendees must register in advance and are responsible for their travel expenses (transportation, hotel and meals). Interpretation will be provided throughout the meeting for GCF member languages: English, Indonesian, Portuguese and Spanish.


    The GCF's Annual Meeting will:
  • serve as a platform for collaboration to create new partnerships with jurisdictions of the Americas, the private sector, civil society, indigenous peoples, and financial institutions;
  • provide an opportunity to learn about subnational success stories and chart future pathways to success;
  • identify new funding streams for GCF states and provinces to preserve progress already made and help them reach goals established in the Rio Branco Declaration; and
  • be a catalyst for uniting subnational initiatives in a common voice.

Why Attend

  • Learn about subnational success stories from GCF states and provinces at the forefront of REDD+ policy innovation and how these successes can be scaled up to inform national and international approaches.
  • Network with tropical forest states and provinces that could be the key to realizing the Paris Agreement.
  • Become part of the network supporting subnational efforts to reduce emissions from land use changes.
  • Engage with policy makers and thought leaders on how to protect forests, reduce emissions, and enhance livelihoods during various interactive opportunities in the program including the World Cafe.
  • Learn about how alliances between GCF members and the private sector could eliminate deforestation from supply chains at the jurisdictional scale.

Visa Requirements

For international travelers, please note that a visa may be required for entry into Mexico. You can find some infromation here, but it is critical that you check with your local consular office to determine your visa application requirements as they differ from country to country.

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View the photo album from the 2016 GCF Annual Meeting.

Meeting Venue

August 29 - 30 (by invitation)
Fiesta Americana Guadalajara
Av. Aurelio Aceves No. 225, Glorieta Minerva Col. Vallarta Poniente
Salon Violeta
Guadalajara, Jalisco - Mexico
August 31 - September 1 (public)
Fiesta Americana Guadalajara
Av. Aurelio Aceves No. 225, Glorieta Minerva Col. Vallarta Poniente
"La Floresta": Salon Azalea, Gardenia and Margarita
Guadalajara, Jalisco -Mexico


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Av. Aurelio Aceves No. 225, Glorieta Minerva Col. Vallarta Poniente
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
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