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California Is Considering a Global Approach To Offset Strategies

California’s Cap and Trade Program (AB 32), managed by the Air Resources Board, may soon be able to start allowing companies to meet emission reduction regulations by including rainforest jurisdictions in their offset options. This would allow regulated industries in California to purchase surplus allowances from regions like Acre, Brazil, which are tapping into innovative emission reduction strategies. If approved, this would be the first program of its kind to allow for the reduction in tropical deforestation to sync up with market demands.

Governors From Brazil Create Pathways for Reducing Deforestation and Building Sustainable Supply Chains

In 2015 GCF Brazil achieved a remarkably high level of involvement from the GCF Governors. In May 2015 the Governors gathered to reinstate the Legal Amazon Governor’s Forum. Three Forum meetings were held during the year—bearing important results such as the Cuiaba Letter, Manaus Letter and Belem Letter. These efforts sent a clear message to the Federal Government and international stakeholders that the subnational governments in the Amazon are poised to take the lead in the international REDD+ agenda. Internationally, this message was also carried to the GCF Annual Meeting in Barcelona by 4 Brazilian GCF Governors (Acre, Mato Grosso, Pará and Tocantins) and the Vice-Governor of Maranhão (GCF Observer) as well as at COP-21, where Governors from Acre, Amazonas, Mato Grosso and Tocantins participated in several side events hosted/co-hosted by the GCF and Brazilian GCF States.

ARB Workshops Promote the Inclusion of Tropical Forest Credits in the California Cap-and-Trade Program

GCF members rallied to support the ongoing effort by California to integrate jurisdictional REDD+ into its greenhouse gas (GHG) compliance system, which is the first such effort in the world. Members from topical forest states and provinces around the world hope to provide critical proof-of-concept for broader efforts to link emissions reductions in tropical forest jurisdictions with existing and emerging GHG compliance markets. GCF members took part in the public ARB workshops in Sacramento and also participated in a meeting highlighting Indigenous and traditional community leaders’ perspectives on AB 32 in April, 2016. Indigenous leaders from Peru, Brazil, and Mexico who work with GCF members also participated in a dialogue with the Yurok Tribe.

Governor of West Kalimantan to Support Green Growth in Indonesia

On May 26th, the Governor of West Kalimantan, Cornelis MH, announced his plans to support sustainable and low carbon growth using an integrated landscape approach. In a newly formed partnership with IDH Sustainable Trade Initiative and PTCUS, Governor Cornelis will be supporting a combined effort on behalf of governments, private companies, and public stakeholders to implement green growth strategies. Read the full article here.
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