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GCF members from Brazil, Mexico, and Peru sign Memorandum of Understanding with the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) to strengthen forest conservation, support low emissions development, and develop integrated projects across Latin America.

GCF states and provinces across Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, and Peru) signed a landmark Memorandum of Understanding with the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) at the recent GCF annual meeting in Guadalajara, Mexico. This agreement commits the GCF members and CAF to working together through 2020 to achieve three objectives. First, the GCF and CAF will construct and implement regionally integrated projects that bring GCF jurisdictions together around mutual goals such as sustainable agricultural and supply chain development; agroforestry; low emissions development, including ecotourism and green economy initiatives; Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+); forest restoration; rural development and social and environmental safeguards; forest zoning and environmental registry development; and monitoring, reporting, and verification systems integration. GCF members and CAF will also develop diverse co-financing and co-funding strategies for these projects, and will also work to strengthen subnational, national, and international political alliances for scaling up projects through 2020, thereby increasing the impact on forest conservation, low emissions development, and climate change mitigation and adaptation across Latin America.

GCF Peruvian Members sign the Declaration of Guadalajara, furthering climate action in the Peruvian Amazon

Five GCF Amazonian Provinces in Peru (Huánuco, Loreto, Madre de Dios, San Martin, and Ucayali), organized by GCF Peru Coordinator, Mechanisms for Alternative Development (MDA), came together in Guadalajara, Mexico to sign the Declaration of Guadalajara during the 2016 GCF Annual meeting. This declaration aligns with the Paris Agreement as well as with the GCF’s Rio Branco Declaration, committing Peruvian regions to international cooperation on climate mitigation and adaptation, emissions reductions, natural resource conservation, and sustainable development across the Peruvian Amazon. Following the Annual Meeting, the Interregional Amazon Council (CIAM) and MDA convened the GCF Peruvian Amazonian Governors at the Congress of the Republic to present the Declaration of Guadalajara to important partners and supporters of the GCF, including Per Pharo, Director of the Government of Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative and the First Secretary of the Norwegian Embassy. The meeting took place with the presence of Congressman Cesar Villanueva, and the President of the National Assembly of Regional Governors of Peru.

2016 Everyday Heroes Award Recipient: Pak Husaini Syamaun (Aceh Province, Indonesia)

Last year we started presenting an annual Everyday Heroes Award to a civil servant from one of the GCF member states and provinces who embodies the values, commitment, and dedication to service that is at the heart of the GCF—someone who works hard every day inside the government and across different political administrations to advance the agenda of protecting forests and climate and enhancing livelihoods. The award recognizes that any real and lasting solution to climate change—any effective approach to low emissions development—will have to involve thousands of hard working civil servants in state and provincial governments all around the world. These civil servants rarely, if ever, get the recognition that they deserve. Yet, they are on the front lines, together with their civil society partners, and much of the solution to climate change goes through them.

Amazonas-FAS-Marriott Certificate

Brazil made history at the recent GCF annual meeting when the State Secretary of Environment for Amazonas (SEMA), on behalf of the State Government of Amazonas, and the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), delivered its first-ever certificate of carbon emissions reduction to the US-headquartered hospitality company Marriott International. This is the first certificate in Brazil marking a partnership between a state government, a private institution and a non-governmental organization. The certificate verifies the reduction of 400,000 tons of dioxide-carbon (tCO2) by activities between 2006 and 2013 at the Juma Sustainable Development Reserve (RDS), located in the municipality of Novo Aripuanã. This Juma REDD+ project aims to curb deforestation and associated greenhouse gas emissions in a 2,770-square-mile area is facing significant land-use pressure in Brazil’s north western Amazon. To date, 96% of the Juma Reserve, home to over 2000 residents in 39 communities, is intact Amazon rainforest.

GCF members organize an international “Biodiversity, Ecotourism and Creative Economy” Conference in Jayapura, Papua

GCF delegates from Papua, Indonesia organized an international conference that united the GCF across Indonesia with important international donors, including USAID, the US Embassy, GTZ, the European Union, and the Rainforest Foundation. The purpose of the conference was to celebrate the biodiversity of Papua and to collectively plan sustainable development pathways that protect and enhance this biodiversity by emphasizing ecotourism and creative economic development options, including the sustainable production of coffee, chocolate, and honey. GCF delegates from Amazonas, Brazil and Cross River State, Nigeria participated in the conference and presented models at work in their regions. These models provided valuable lessons for Papua’s consideration and emphasized the importance of political engagement, sound legislation, and integrated jurisdictional planning. The GCF members also met with the Head of the Planning Department for Papua. The conference was opened by Governor Lukas Enembe of Papua, and featured interactive panels, an innovation fair, field trips, and performances by traditional Papuan artists.

GCF Governors join with Patricia Espinosa Cantellano, Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC, high-level officials, and stakeholders from around the world at the 2016 annual meeting of The Governors’ Climate & Forests Task Force (GCF)

The Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force (GCF) held its annual meeting in Guadalajara Mexico Aug 28-Sept 1, 2016. The meeting was led by Governor Aristóteles Sandoval of Jalisco and co-convened with the second Climate Change Summit of the Americas. More than 600 people attended the meeting including governors, mayors, and other high-level officials from around the world. Patricia Espinosa Cantellano, the new Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, participated in the meeting as a special guest and stressed the importance of subnational action and leadership as a key component of any successful effort to achieve the ambitious targets of the Paris Climate Agreement. Under the leadership of Governor Sandoval, many of the states and provinces at the meeting launched the Jalisco Declaration, providing further evidence of their commitment to subnational climate action under the Rio Branco Declaration, the Under 2 MOU, and related instruments. The Guadalajara meeting also provided the venue for launching important new partnerships, including: (1) a new climate finance MOU between GCF members from Brazil, Peru, and Mexico and the Latin American Development Bank (CAF); (2) a new climate cooperation framework for the Amazon regions in Peru; and (3) a $2 million purchase by the Marriott Corporation of emissions reductions from the Sustainable Amazonas Foundation (FAS). The GCF Fund also moved ahead in its discussions with the GCF members and Norway to finalize its program for distributing the $25 million commitment that Norway made to GCF states and provinces at the GCF annual meeting in 2015. The GCF also added six new members at the meeting: Yucatan, Mexico; North Kalimantan, Indonesia; Caquetá, Colombia; Huánuco, Peru; Piura, Peru; and Maranhão, Brazil, bringing our total membership to 35 states and provinces from nine countries. Additionally, GCF members selected East Kalimantan as the Chair of GCF for 2017 and as the host of the GCF’s next annual meeting.
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